I just LOVE this place! I have been getting acupuncture for years now for all sorts of ailments (my most recent being a stiff neck) but our insurance never pays for it and so I never end up going as much as recommended because I don’t like paying $75 to $100 out of pocket for each session. Normally when I get a stiff neck I just go to one acupuncture session and although I DO always get results, the one session rarely completely fixes the problem. But, because Access Acupuncture is so affordable I have been able to reap incredible results (better than ever before!) because I actually go to my follow-up sessions. I never realized how important follow-up sessions were and how much of a difference they really make.

Ivy Larson

Palm Beach

Courtney is amazing and so gentle! I suffer from fibromyalgia and terrible headaches and have been searching for someone who uses the Balance Method of acupuncture. What is so incredible about that method is that you feel the result while the needles are being applied!!! Very few acupuncturists use that technique and Im so glad she is fairly close to me.

Claudia Diesti

Dade County

This was my first Acupuncture experience. I was nervous but the staff was wonderful – you could tell they really cared. Highly recommend!

Kathy Onorato O’Mara


Had a wonderful experience here. The staff is very pleasant and professional. The facility is clean and comfortable, too. Highly recommended!

Josh Klahre

Palm Beach


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